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Suddenly Earl woke, grey from that state when reality resembles dreams that resemble reality. Brushing the gritty compilation of dust that coagulated in his eyes, he realized it was simply another day in his life, the anti-climactic span of time it had become.

Pressing the red button next to his bed did many things that he used to do, but was not required from him, as the process of getting ready for work in the morning had become completely automated, causing the activities to occur simultaneously.

Without a thought to the effort required to get him to work, Earl slammed his middle finger into the suppressed red circle, which immediately dropped him into his shower, already heated to the prefect temperature for Earl, and to ensure he was legally awake for his drive to work.

Finished in the shower, he was pushed outside to his own drying and styling area, custom made by the same company that invented the food processors in the old time, and was blown clean of any excess moisture and at the same time, injected with his daily dose of caffeine to make sure his blood-caff content was sufficient to pilot his starship in to the space-quad without swerving and definitely without hitting the 200 foot tall trees lining the airspace of Compute Express and Tacos.

Whisked back to his room, Earl found his preselected clothing arrangement was available. It was retro day at the office and had decided to dress in the attire of the 1950’s and chose a conservative ensemble, so as not to attract attention to himself. Dressed and ready to go, he stepped onto the slide and went by with a whoosh and no sooner had arrived in his ship and was on his way to work.

Earl woke grey from that state when reality resembles dreams that resemble reality.

Brushing the sleep dust out of his eyes, he asked for mercy before succumbing to the tiger’s teeth, ripping into his human flesh.

He asked for no one to ever have to experience the dream he had of the poor lonely spaceman.


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