On falling down the well

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  • Created: September 13, 2002
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Dropped daily down a well, one struggles to grasp anything to slow the fall. Instincts tell us to reach out at times often due to a need to quench our desires or ensure our survival. All of these are selfish - for us and for others. Which comes down to intentions.

Wayne Berry awoke one morning and found himself falling down a well. He wasn’t sure want this particular well was used for, however its circular walls built from stone was a dead giveaway. Never one to question the strange occurrences that sometimes passed through his day, Wayne tried to go about his normal routine.

Despite what would seem to be a logistical impossibility, Wayne managed to shower in record time. He dressed in his blue suit which always made his step lighter, all the more important today. Wayne had developed a philosophy many years ago to help him deal with Monday’s – better to get the day started and over with.

When his glass of juice and fried-egg sandwich appeared, Wayne grabbed it to eat on the way to work. Granted, the speed with which he was falling made eating a bit cumbersome, but as he brushed the last crumbs off bread of his face, Wayne was ready for a day at the office.

Maneuvering so he could look up, Wayne grabbed a glimpse of light shining from above. And down below, the same light seemed to be shining up and coming closer with every second of Wayne’s free fall.

“Hey there Mr. Berry, how’s it going today,” a voice cried out from his right. The newsstand vendor was falling alongside Wayne. “According to the papers, it’s going to be a cold one.” Wayne though the man’s was Henry, but wasn’t really sure. After all, Wayne never took the time to ask.

“Yeah, I heard that too,” Wayne said and ran his hand through his windblown hair a couple of times. “This breeze won’t keep it any warmer out that’s for sure.”

“Take the usual today,” asked the newsstand vendor, whose name might be Henry. “Say look out, we’ve got company. Let me these folks quick – just a moment Mr Berry.”

Wayne waited patiently while a group of newsstand regulars fell past and picked up the morning paper, coffee and other various goodies that make a Monday morning more manageable. It only took a couple of minutes before they were gone. “So what will it be Mr. Berry,” the vendor said. “I just got some of that hazelnut flavoring syrup that you had asked about. Let me buy you a large cup’a joe and I’ll throw some it for you.”

“Say, I’ll just take the news today,” Wayne said trying to be humble about the vendor’s pleasant service.

“No coffee. You’ve bought a cup everyday for the past three years,” the vendor said.

“Actually, I’m not feeling quite right today,” Wayne said. “Save me some though, maybe I’ll try it tomorrow.”

“Suit yourself, but it’s going fast. I sold half a bottle worth of shots already. People like their coffee flavored,” the vendor said. ”I’m made a killing today.”

“Thank you sir,” Wayne said, raising his hand in a mock salute. He watched as the newsstand vendor floated up and away. “Have a good day.”

“You too, Mr. Berry. See you tomorrow…..!”


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