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The soap opera intrigued Mary, but when the local news cut into the program, she gaze fixed on the newscasters as they relayed the latest details.

“And the county sheriff’s department indicates the suspect was last seen head west along a county highway. Says here along Highway J. The report says a motorist spotted the man about ten miles east of Newfield. Once again, deputies from the sheriff’s department received a report from a motorist that an escapee from the Stebbin County Mental Health facility has been spotted and officers are en route. They hope to have the suspect apprehended within the hour.”

Mary breathed a sigh of relief and clicked off the television. The thought of meeting him right now sent chills down the length of her body. Years have passed without a thought about James’ wellbeing, and now her mind became dominated by memories of the man she once called a lover. But that was years ago and much had changed.

His descent hadn’t taken long. Just months after meeting, Mary had noticed something strange inside James, in his relationship with her and friends. At first he had simply seemed to become more distant with each passing day, but it quickly became something more. The quiet walks with James were replaced with his rants and tirades about the state of the world, about society, about things without relevance to their situation. Rather than converse about their dreams, the topics took on a fiery tone. Convinced he might hurt her, or himself, Mary chose to leave James to the devices created in his mind.


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